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Flats are fully matured mushrooms, with well exposed dark gills. They have a full rich flavour to match and are delicious grilled whole or fried or as the focus of a pasta dish.

  • Fresh white mushrooms should feel dry and firm, be a white or creamy colour and be without blemishes. 
  • Fresh mushrooms are firm and silky to the touch.
  • Mushrooms exposed to room temperature or a dry atmosphere turn dark brown and lose moisture, becoming spongy, wrinkly and tough. 
  • Available loose or packaged.

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In Autumn the variety of potatoes available are Royal Blue, which is classed as the cream of the crop; Ruby Lou, Nadine and Kipfler.

royal blueNew season gourmet potatoes are as delicious as they are healthy and nutritious. Otherwise known as baby potatoes, they range in size from 30-80 grams and are harvested before maturity to provide a flavoursome, snack-sized alternative for consumers of Western Australia’s favourite vegetable, the potato.

Gourmet potatoes have been commonly used to enhance the taste and presentation of a variety of main course meals. Gourmet potatoes are available in several varieties and are ideal for quick tasty meals. Just steam or boil then toss in butter with a teaspoon of seeded mustard , fresh thyme, parsley or mint.


Good all rounder


Good for boiling for salads and microwaving

Ruby Lou:

Good all rounder, excellent for roasting


Good all rounder, excellent for roasting and frying

Royal Blue:

Excellent all rounder, superb for roasting and frying


Excellent for boiling and salads, mashes and microwaves well, great for curries, does not fry


Good for boiling and salads, superb for roasting