Grapes and Citrus with Ginger

Preparation:   15 minutes + marinating

Serves 4

2 navel oranges

2 red grapefruit

1 tblspn ginger syrup from preserved ginger

1 tblspn castor sugar

2 tblspn kirsch or grand marnier

500 g red seedless grapes, washed

2 tblspn preserved ginger, cut into thin strips


Working on a plate to preserve citrus juice, carefully cut segments of orange and grapefruit out by slicing close to the membrane. Try squeezing remaining membranes over fruit to extract all of the juice.


Sprinkle ginger syrup, castor sugar and kirsch over citrus fruit. Cover and leave to marinate for at least one hour. Place citrus fruit and juices into a serving bowl, add grapes and strips of preserved ginger. Serve with low-fat yogurt or whipped ricotta.