Honey Grape Muffins

These delicious, delicate flavoured muffins are perfect warm and served with fresh

ricotta cheese.

Preparation: 10 minutes

Cooking: 20 minutes

Makes 12 muffins

2 cups wholemeal SR flour

1/2 cup sultanas

1 1/2 cups Flame seedless grapes, halved

1 orange, grated rind

3 tblspn honey

1/2 cup low fat milk

1/2 cup orange juice

1/4 cup vegetable oil

1 egg, lightly beaten

Sift flour into a large bowl. Stir in sultanas, grapes and orange rind. In a separate

bowl, blend together honey, milk, orange juice, oil and egg. Stir milk mixture

gently into flour mixture. Add more milk if necessary. Place a large spoonful into

each lightly greased muffin pan. Bake at 180C for about 20 minutes or until

golden. Cool muffins on a wire rack.