Preserved Lemons


cinnamon quills

bay leaves


olive oil

salt, pure cooking salt


Preserved lemons keep for months and you can reuse the salty liquid to make




Wash and dry some even-shaped lemons. Cut stem end off each lemon then slice

lengthwise into quarters.

Add about 1 cm of salt to a large clean jar with plastic lid.

Pack lemons in, layering with more salt. Add cinnamon quills or cassia bark, bay

leaves and/or cloves to the jar as you go.

Fill the jar with fresh lemon juice.

Leave at room temperature for at least a month, turning to dissolve the salt.  Cover

 the surface with olive oil to seal.


To use, discard the pulp, rinse the rind, and then slice finely.  One quarter is

usually enough to give an intense lemony flavour.


Use in Moroccan cooking especially in chicken, lamb and vegetable tagines, with

couscous and in salads.