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Demonstration Services

Point of Sale promotional strategies have been proven to directly increase sales in the food area. Fresh Finesse takes this information a step further. We aim to sell more product AND to educate consumers - a strategy which results in purchases not only today but tomorrow.

Our demonstration staff are carefully selected to ensure a genuine interest in fresh food and an ability to pass information to customers in a friendly and effective way. They are all fresh food enthusiasts with a vital interest in health and nutrition.

Fresh Finesse demonstrators have all completed health and safety training and meet specified dress standards, ensuring they conduct professional demonstrations and are always well presented when dealing with the public.

Fresh Finesse understands the importance of evaluation in business development and marketing. Demonstration reports, tailored to your individual needs, are an essential element of the program offered by Fresh Finesse. These reports allow meaningful information to be deduced and recorded as a result of product demonstrations so you get exactly what you need out of the process.