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Media Services

Fresh Finesse has extensive contacts within the media network that equate to over $2 million worth of promotional coverage annually.

Layered Apple and Blueberry DessertA customised media program is planned and implemented to suit individual needs and objectives and effectively access the appropriate target group.

Fresh Finesse contributes to rural and city newspapers in WA and nationally, many on a weekly basis to ensure that the information is as up-to-date as possible.

Balsamic Mushrooms with LimeWe also have regular segments on several country and metropolitan radio programs. These provide an excellent forum for discussing how to select, store and prepare fresh produce.

Our strong contacts with growers, wholesalers and produce buyers, including those from fresh markets and major supermarkets ensure Fresh Finesse has current and reliable information regarding fresh produce in season.

For a list of our current media segments see In The Media.