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Nutrition Talks & Workshops

A healthy approach to food and eating is more important than ever. Fresh Finesse have professional presenters, qualified in the fields of nutrition and health to talk to your workforce, students or social groups on healthy living and eating for vitality.

Light-hearted and informative, Fresh Finesse talks and workshops aim to spread enthusiasm for healthy living and offer key missing links between the nutritional knowledge we all have and the behaviours that lead us to our ideal weight.

Motivational talks help to restore a positive relationship to food and provide information on the types of food that promote health and vitality. Full notes of these talks and workshops are included for each person who attends.

Ideal for those with a genuine interest in restoring a healthy attitude to food and achieving health and happiness in all areas of life. Our workshops provide:

  • Interactive information
  • Meal preparation ideas
  • Activities
  • Food samples